Society Projects

With the completion of placing tin siding and roofing on the Race Site shelters, upgrading the Start and Finish Gates and creation of a Weight Pull area in 2010, the Board of Directors is looking to transforming the race trail into a year-round sled dog facility. There are a number of different race site improvements

The Race Trail

The trail, originally designed by Trail Master John Bates, offered several challenges, long, easy straight-aways and safety considerations along its entire length. With John’s passing in 2007, Bill Windsor and Rodger Logan assumed the role of Trail Masters. The John Bates Memorial Trophy, presented to the Junior Class winner, has been established to commemorate John’s

Area Maps

Accessibility has been a key element in the planning of this race. The map below provides vehicular route access to Didsbury and the Public Parking Area immediately west of the race site. Township Road 31.2A (15th Avenue) along the race trail will be open to two-way public traffic during the races. Musher Check-in and Mushers