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To host and organize activities and events that enhance the experience, knowledge and exposure of sled dogs, sled dog activities and stewardship for mushers and spectators.


Rosebud Run Sleddog Society

To be self-sufficient through participation, merchandise sales, sponsorship and membership. To enhance the structure of the race trail and facilities at the race site to enable the Society to host year-round activities and events. To generate sufficient surplus revenue to facilitate next year’s start up. To generate surplus revenue for donation to the ALS Society

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We are athlete focused – dogs and mushers first To be fiscally responsible to stakeholders and partners To work as one team to value fairness, inclusion, excellence and fun To value the contribution of and support our members, sponsors and volunteers To be respectful of the environment and cultivate sustainable practices To respect tradition and

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To present an annual sled dog sprint race in Didsbury, Alberta that attracts participation by mushers from across Alberta, the western provinces and northwestern States promoting the sport of sled dog racing and our selected charities.

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Established early in 2010 with Alberta Registry providing Society status late in 2011, the Bylaws of the Society.

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Society Projects

With the completion of placing tin siding and roofing on the Race Site shelters, upgrading the Start and Finish Gates and creation of a Weight Pull area in 2010, the Board of Directors is looking to transforming the race trail into a year-round sled dog facility. There are a number of different race site improvements

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